Saturday, April 24, 2021

InSPIREd Sunday #417 : April 24-26, 2021


Welcome to InSPIREd Sunday where we share inspirational architecture such as churches, synagogues, cemeteries, or other religious buildings each and every weekend.

Hooray!! InSPIREd Sunday will continue on thanks to Bill from The Church Explorer!
Please watch for a few changes like times the Linky is open. 

Thank you all for supporting us!


Jim said...

Great to hear that inSPIRED Sunday will continue. Thanks for all your good work over the years.

E.lizabeth said...

i'm happy that Bill is taking the church posts on ... i wish u all the best. glad to help out when i can ... enjoy!! ( ;

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Happy to help out, Hope to see you still post E

Linda said...

Hooray for Bill!

KlaraS said...

Great to hear! Hooray!
Stay in health.