Saturday, June 25, 2016

InSPIREd Sunday June 25th - 27th, 2016

Welcome to InSPIREd Sunday where we share inspirational architecture such as churches, synagogues, cemeteries, or other religious buildings each and every weekend.

Each Saturday @ 3 PM Pacific, 6 PM Eastern, and Sunday @ 12:00 AM (UTC +1), we open up the meme. After posting your link, we encourage you to visit others who are sharing their finds from around the world.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your finds. We hope you are having a great weekend wherever you may be!


Beth and Sally


Dina said...

Shalom to all and a good Sunday to you. I just posted an older post about the Armenian Christians in Jerusalem. Pope Francis is today in Armenia on an apostolic visit and it is fascinating to watch the worship and visits LIVE at

Armenia was the first nation to accept Christianity as its official religion in 304. They have such a rich and long history and they have recovered from many disasters. I really admire the Armenian people.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice selection this week/ Mine goes back to Tudor times

Daniela Augustka said...

Can I participate in the next round from Slovakia?